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Photo of Dermot Hikisch

Dermot Hikisch

Head of Community Development, B Lab

Dermot Hikisch is the Head of Community Development at B Lab and leads B Lab's efforts to expand the community of Certified B Corporations, establishing Benefit Corporations as a recognized corporate form, and the emergence of GIIRS, the Global Impact Investing Rating System.

He is the former Head of Research for UK-based ENDS Carbon and Wind Power Intelligence. His work included producing intelligence reports, developing climate-risk indices for FTSE, and rating Europe’s largest brands on their carbon performance. He has been published in the fields of business and water insecurity, climate change, true cost accounting, and CSR in Canada. As a consultant he has worked with SMEs, Fortune 500 companies, the UNPRI, and major municipalities. Previously, he led the research team for Climate Counts, and was a sustainability ambassador with Procter & Gamble.

Dermot launched Red Bull Energy Drink into Canada and fought forest fires for nearly a decade. He really likes trees. He has a MSc. in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability from Sweden, resides in San Francisco.


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