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Betzi Hanc is a member of both the UBM Tech Channel XChange Events and [email protected] teams. She has been marketing in the high tech industry for 18 years, and still uses her dance degree by teaching ballet and creative movement to young children.

4 Hours and 40 Tablets Make a Difference at Grandma’s House

Last week I received a call from Julie Cole, director of Grandma’s House. She told me she still can’t believe all the help they received through our most recent [email protected] project.

It turns out we touched them as much as they touched us.

Grandma’s House is an amazing inter-generational nursing home at the Orlando Health & Rehabilitation Center (OHRC). The nonprofit has created a very unique and special family—both young and old with severe disabilities living together under one roof.

Channel@Work at Grandma's House

[email protected] at Grandma's House

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