The Role of SMEs in Corporate Social Responsibility

I read a really terrific article by Paul Klein in Forbes yesterday called Why Has Corporate Social Responsibility Stalled?   The Midmarket is the Greatest Weapon the world has

Particularly interesting to me was the following question Paul posed to Aron Cramer, president and CEO of BSR, Business for Social Responsibility:

Paul Klein: The vast majority of economic value is created by small and medium-sized businesses that don’t have the knowledge or resources to operationalize CSR. Is there an opportunity to engage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in CSR and deliver social results on a scale that dwarfs what we’re seeing now? Continue reading

Midmarket Companies: The Stage is Set for Sustainable Community Partnerships & Impact

As focus shifts from checkbook philanthropy to active, hands-on community involvement, mid-size enterprises are rising up to get employees and their brands more engaged in the communities they serve.

Mid Market GDP 4th Largest EconomyLarge Enterprises have been at the forefront of the corporate social responsibility landscape  with organized sustainability programs for a number of years. But midmarkets are now prime to make their own impact.

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