Technology and the Nonprofit: A Blog Roundup from Stanford Social Innovation Review

This post is by guest blogger Mary Harrison, Stanford student and Stanford Social Innovation Review intern.

The field of technology is one important area of successful partnerships between nonprofits and businesses. Health care, education, and banking are three sectors that are currently using groundbreaking technology partnerships between businesses and nonprofits.

These technologies are often very simple and inexpensive but can make an extraordinary impact in people’s lives. Nonprofit/business partnerships can provide benefits to both organizations involved.

Here are some recent Stanford Social Innovation Review blogs that have been written about innovative partnerships.

Trust and Technology: In his blog post, Net Hope CEO William Brindley describes how both NGOs and technology companies consistently rank at the top of the Edelman Trust Barometer. This list measures public trust levels in a variety of key institutions – government, NGOs, businesses, and the media. Brindley believes that the NGO community and the technology industry can work together to harness their public good will to tackle some of the world’s thorniest development problems.

Developing Runways for Technologies to Land discusses the interesting challenge of matching existing technologies with communities in need. Author Glenn Fajardo claims that there are many great technologies floating around on the internet and that the biggest challenge is for nonprofits to find the technology that would best suit their cause.

HP’s Cross Sector Health Partnership in Kenya is a great example of a successful partnership between a business and nonprofit entities. HP has long been an industry leader in technology and used its powerful information technology in a partnership with the Clinton Health Access Initiative. The two organizations worked together to improve early infant diagnosis of HIV in a way that is inspiring other countries to enact similar lifesaving programs.

To learn more about mutually beneficial nonprofit/business relationships, join the Business4Better movement and attend the May 1-2 conference in Anaheim, California.

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