Turning The Tables on #CSRchat’s Susan McPherson

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For the #CSRchat initiated, I don’t have to explain how exciting it is that this Wednesday (May 1st) at the Business4Better conference, the one and only founder and host of #CSRchat, Susan McPherson will be chatting live.

And to add to the awesomeness of that, on a very personal note, ‘I’ get to interview her!

I am turning the tables on Susan and making her the guest of her own chat. We will be chatting both virtually and live – at the same time — and we hope you’ll join us for this great experiment. It will be a true test of our social media / multitasking abilities.

For those joining us virtually:

You will be treated to a discussion with Susan about #CSRchat and how she managed to bring together and continues to maintain such a vibrant community of socially responsible business leaders and CSR experts.

Please don’t hesitate to participate and throw your own questions out for Susan.

For those joining us #LIVE: 

Mark your schedule! You are in for a treat. Not only will you have the same opportunities as those joining us virtually to chat with Susan about #CSRchat, but Susan and I will also be chatting/talking live about some of her more personal passions and thoughts around social responsibility and travel.

And, of course, there is the bonus and the treat of getting to see Susan actually doing #CSRchat. Something few people have ever been privy to. I am imagining a performance much like a concert pianist.

If you have not participated in a Twitter chat before, here are some tips:

1. Use http://tweetchat.com/ to follow along and participate. Log in with your Twitter id and plug #csrchat into the search window. Note, Tweetchat will automatically add the hashtag to each of your tweets.

2. Start by saying hello and introducing yourself (if not using TweetChat, add #csrchat hashtag to all your tweets). If you are live with us in Anaheim, do include the tag #LIVE in your intro.

3. Follow @SusanMcp1 as well as @Business4Better.

4. Tweet questions you have about #CSRchat and @SusanMcp1 to @Business4Better or directly to Susan (with the hastag of course). You can start sending me questions ahead of time I’ll try to include them in the program.

5. Watch @SusanMcp1 and @Business4Better, for questions and direction during the chat.

6. Don’t be shy! Jump in and participate. It is a conversation, not just an interview and I know Susan well enough to say she loves a good conversation around the topic of CSR.

7. During and after the chat, follow some new people who participated and you found interesting. This is the ‘networking’ part of the gathering. I’ve made great connections over the years from the many #CSRchats I’ve participated in.

So mark your calendars: Wednesday, May 1st at 12:15 PT (3:15 ET). This is be a short/half-hour, rapid-fire #CSRchat. See you there (either virtually or live)!

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