#CSRchat: A Live Interview with Susan McPherson

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Can you conduct a Twitter chat virtually and present live at a conference — at the same time?

Susan McPherson might tell you I never quite asked her that question before I volunteered that she and I could do that at the Business4Better conference, but in the end Susan proved that she can tweet and talk and share a wealth of information about CSR at the same time.Although someone’s suggestion that we chew gum as well didn’t make the cut.

Another first we attempted was turning the tables on Susan to make her the guest rather than host of #CSRchat, the Twitter chat she founded and has run for the last three years.


Here is our chat/interview:

SusanMcP1:  Welcome to #CSRchat all! A very interesting agenda today featuring ‘me’ and the interviewer is @business4better where we are LIVE today. #biz4better

Business4Better:  Love that we are turning the table around on @SusanMcP1 today and are making her the focus of #CSRchat  ^Vicky

Business4Better: My advice for participating in #CSRchat, go here http://tweetchat.com/room/csrchat

SusanMcP1:  Do Introduce yourself and if you are live in Anaheim with us, include the hashtag #LIVE and wave at us.

Business4Better:  Q1 @SusanMcp1 #CSRchat is obviously not your day job. What is your role at @FentonProgress? #biz4better

SusanMcP1:  A1. I run our #CSR practice and am the point person for Fenton’s marketing and visibility globally #biz4better #CSRChat

@Business4Better:  Q2 @SusanMcp1: What inspired you to launch that first #CSRchat and who was your guest? #biz4better

SusanMcP1:  A2a. Our first #CSRChat had no guest and dove right into Conflict Minerals #CSRChat

SusanMcP1: A2b. The inspiration came from the PRChats that @SaraEvans had been successfully running :) #CSRChat

Business4Better:  Q3 @SusanMcp1: What is the most significant change or trend you’ve seen since the beginning of #CSRchat – #biz4better

SusanMcP1:  A3. More and more interest in the subject matter from all sorts of organizations – large & small #CSRChat #Biz4better

Business4Better:  Q4 @SusanMcp1:  What’s hot right now in terms of #CSR topics? #CSRchat #biz4better

SusanMcP1:  A4. EmployeeEngagement, Volunteerism, Partnerships w/ nonprofits and peer companies #CSRchat #biz4better

SusanMcP1:  A4b. Also, ROI. Everyone wants to prove the value of CSR to the company. #CSRchat #biz4better

SusanMcP1:  A4c. Lastly, how to tell your story or your narrative to your stakeholders. #CSRchat #biz4better

From @Business4Better:  Q5 @SusanMcp1:  What is the #1 thing you can advise people making a case for a #CSR strategy internally? #CSRchat #biz4better

SusanMcP1:  A5. You must build it into your core overall business strategy and not create a silo department or organization #CSRchat #biz4better

From @Business4Better:  Q6 @SusanMcp1:  What is the most valuable thing #CSRchat has taught you? #biz4better

SusanMcP1:  A6. It has continued to prove the incredible value of Twitter and social networks #CSRChat #biz4better

If you would like to see the actual tweets from this live #CSRchat, I’ve gathered the highlights on Storify: CSRchat at Business4Better, May 1, 2013.

How did doing a Twitter chat ‘live’ and virtually work out? Well, I have to admit we sometimes got off track and I think Susan and I both forgot to post things on Twitter that we were discussing a couple of times.

There was one question at the end that we discussed which I really wanted, and forgot to post to Twitter. So I throw it out to all of you now reading this who may be fans of #CSRchat like I am. Leave your responses in the comments below and tweet them out with the tags #CSRchat #value …

What is the most valuable thing #CSRchat has taught you? 


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