Neil Bush Promotes Volunteerism

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Neil Bush, the Chairman of Points of Light and brother and son of two Presidents, gave a heartfelt and emotional keynote about the need to increase volunteerism and the impact it can have on society.

Neil Bush, Chairman, Points of Light

Youth volunteering and engagement is on the rise. The number of youth who volunteer has grown from 13 percent of the population to 22 percent of the population since Points of Light was founded. In fact, Neil Bush’s daughter, Lauren Bush started FEED in 2007 where she sells simplistic burlap bags with the proceeds going to help feed children through the United Nations World Food Program.

In  March, FEED announced that it is partnering with Target and will launch a collection of tote bags, kitchenware and blankets and those proceeds will benefit Feeding America, a nonprofit with food banks across the country.

“My daughter has  products under the FEED label. [These types of initiatives are] started by young people and are the kinds of things that are going to change this world for the better — partnerships with companies and nonprofits,” said Bush.

What’s more, baby boomers are over 40 percent more likely to serve today than that same age group in 1999, all encouraging news for the effort.

Points of Light was established in response to President Bush’s call to action and vision of a “thousand points of light” inviting a nation to take action through service to their fellow citizens.

“My father didn’t invent volunteerism, it’s been in the DNA starting with Ben Franklin, but my father did lay down the foundation with the White House Office of National Service to support Americans in their voluntary efforts,” Bush said.

“When we started Points of Light there were 25 million Americans volunteering. Now 20 years later, there are over 65 million Americans volunteering. We want to see it climb to over 100 million in with the mission that every American realizes that potential.”


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