Tips for Nonprofits: 5 Keys to Working With Corporate Partners

Because nonprofit managers are unaccustomed to corporate presence, nonprofit-business partnerships remain notoriously difficult. Still, there is no question that there are ways to succeed and that success often takes nonprofits to previously unimagined levels of impact. Indeed, there are enough successes (and failures) to identify five strategies that help ensure, not only that partnerships will not fall apart, but that they truly magnify the social sector impact. Continue reading

Social Branding & Implications for Communicators

I’ve been following Simon Mainwaring (@simonmainwaring) on Twitter for several years now, and for almost the same duration have been an admirer of this work and thinking.  So I jumped at the chance to talk to him about corporate social responsibility, CSR – and what responsible business practices mean to (and require of) communicators.

But first, some context.  When Mainwaring talks about CSR, he goes far beyond the veneer of sponsorship.

“Cause marketing,” he says, “is window dressing. Talking a good game isn’t good enough.  Brands have to walk the talk in terms of products, transparency and authenticity.” Continue reading

CSR Blog Round-up: The Business of Doing Good


CSR blogsCorporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is a somewhat new concept. For years, businesses and corporations were seen as having only one responsibility: profit. And, let’s be honest, that won’t ever go away. After all,  companies need to stay in business.   But things are transitioning. Maybe the environment is changing outlooks. Continue reading

FREE Exhibition Space To Nonprofits To Help Form Sustainable Corporate Partnerships

Business4Better Conference and Expo


The word ‘free’ doesn’t come up often enough in my opinion, but I’m so happy that it has in this case.

Every worthy nonprofit deserves a bit of ‘free.’

Business4Better has opened the application process for qualifying nonprofit organizations interested in fostering deeper and more impactful relationships with businesses to secure a free exhibit space at our inaugural event. Continue reading

Valuable Lesson: Community Is Reshaping B2B Tech Marketing And Corporate Responsibility


With my recent dive into Corporate Responsibility and nonprofit work through Business4Better (B4B), I am discovering many new dimensions things about business, society and myself, and eerily familiar patterns.

An interesting parallel is happening in the world of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and B2B marketing that underlines the over-riding influence of “community” on our blended personal-professional lives.  Both CSR and B2B marketing have shifted to a greater focus on eliciting “engagement” and “involvement” to contribute to a company’s success (“doing good to do good”, as I hear frequently).  During my first few months of working on B4B, I keep saying to myself, “Wait, I think I have seen this movie!”

Continue reading

From This Week’s CSR / Sustainability Reading List

Excerpts from some of the things we’ve been reading online this week:

TV Advertising To Students Most Effective; Email Best Reach (Media Post)

Significant findings from the 2012 College Marketing Report include: 70% of students say they’re more likely to buy from a brand that supports a charitable cause and 63% are willing to spend more on products tied to a charity

Thompson Reuters Launches Sustainability Website (3BL Media)

Sustainability will provide multiple perspectives on energy and environmental issues, including on-topic news, analysis and opinion from Reuters news; content and analysis for professionals from Thomson Reuters businesses; insight from outside experts working in specialist fields such as climate, energy, health, law and corporate governance; reporting on the efforts of Continue reading