11 Facts About Mid-Size Companies and CSR (Survey Results)

When we think of corporate social responsibility (CSR), so often we think of large companies with deep pockets that have dedicated staff to run employee and community engagement programs, or small start-ups that are birthed with the gene of sustainability in place.

Last month Business4Better took on the challenge of exploring just how immersed in community engagement efforts mid-size companies were.


The greatest potential for doing good is with the mid-market. “If the Middle Market were a country, its GDP would rank it as the fourth largest economy in the world,” states  Scott Vaughan in a previous B4B blog post.

So we surveyed 173 business professionals from mid-size companies (100-5000 employees) about CSR to gauge the status and plans for community involvement. Continue reading

Business4Better – Why This Cause Matters

“We must be the change we want to see in the world.” -Mahatma Ghandi

Thank you for visiting our newly launched blog to support a mission, an event, a movement we call Business4Better. As a company and as a group of people gathered around the UBM brand, we wanted to do ‘something’ to contribute to the communities we live and work in, and we very much wanted to move beyond traditional philanthropic efforts.

UBM’s CEO, David Levin put this idea to words quite succinctly, “Corporate responsibility can’t be just about writing a check. Today, it’s got to be about finding a way to connect, to bring communities together to make the company engage in the biggest sense possible with all of its stakeholders.”

Business4Better’s mission is to bring together businesses and non-profits to form mutually beneficial relationships that make a substantial impact on societal causes as well as on their own business. The B4B conference and expo is part of a global non-for-profit business series organized by business-to-business event producer UBM, with a network of professional partners and volunteers. Continue reading