How to Build and Grow a Successful Cross-Sector Partnership

This is a guest post by Jeff Hoffman, president of Jeff Hoffman & Associatesa global philanthropy and civic engagement firm that enables businesses, organizations and individuals to re-imagine a world full of hope, promise and opportunity. This article originally appeared on the Reimagining Service blog.

Business professionals and not-for-profit directors often have very different perspectives. There are inequities in power and differences in resources. Building a good working relationship is critical to success. Differences can be worked through by developing strategies, including setting clear expectations and goals, based on achieving mutually beneficial results.

This is the description of, Partnerships That Work, the panel I moderated at the Business4Better conference. To illustrate the best attributes of partnerships, I choose two that demonstrate the positive impact to both parties when there are shared goals and defined outcomes;  Disneyland Resort and CHOC Children’s,  The Boeing Company and Inside The Outdoors. Continue reading

Pro Bono: Not Just for Big Business

Thought your small or midmarket business didn’t have the resources to make an impact on nonprofits through skills-based volunteering?

Think again.   

Join A Billion + Change for a free webinar which will address the unique role that small businesses can play in the pro bono movement, and how they can leverage their skills and talents to make a big impact on nonprofits in our communities. While the pro bono movement is sweeping the nation and America’s favorite brands are pledging billions to help build nonprofit capacity, small businesses have a critical role to play in leading a collective effort to move the needle on community priorities around the world. Continue reading