4 Hours and 40 Tablets Make a Difference at Grandma’s House

Last week I received a call from Julie Cole, director of Grandma’s House. She told me she still can’t believe all the help they received through our most recent [email protected] project.

It turns out we touched them as much as they touched us.

Grandma’s House is an amazing inter-generational nursing home at the Orlando Health & Rehabilitation Center (OHRC). The nonprofit has created a very unique and special family—both young and old with severe disabilities living together under one roof.

Channel@Work at Grandma's House

[email protected] at Grandma's House

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Volunteering 20 Minutes at a Time

Do you have busy employees that can’t give large amounts of time for charitable volunteering due to other commitments and a busy lifestyle?

Then try micro-volunteering.         

Micro-volunteering leverages employees’ skills and can be done entirely online via a laptop or even smartphone in increments as small as 15 minutes.

Here is how it works: A non-profit posts a small project or question that requires professional expertise. The request must be something that can be solved online, able to be completed in less than 3 hours and have a clear deliverable: Think marketing or communications projects, a finance problem or a graphic design need. Through a platform delivered by Sparked.com, the request is then routed to individuals or groups of individuals that have an expertise or interest in that area. Volunteers can jump in. Continue reading

Empowering Employees: IBM’s On Demand Community

IBM knows a few things about giving back. And the company is passing its knowledge on to others to help them do the same.

For 10 years now, IBM has been building what it calls its On Demand Community. This space on its website makes it easy for the company’s employees — and even retirees and non-IBM employees — to apply their professional talents to help schools, local government and not-for-profits of their choosing.
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