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B4B Open Call For Presenters - CLOSED

Business4Better has opened its call for presenters for the 2013 Conference and Expo. B4B is looking for submissions from presenters with deep knowledge, passion, and innovative thinking in the areas of corporate community engagement, high-impact corporate social responsibility, skilled and pro-bono employee volunteering, and business-nonprofit partnerships.

The B4B content will help representatives from medium enterprises and nonprofits achieve the following:

Drive partnerships into the core business for maximum business and social impact

  • How to enhance and improve any business function with nonprofit partnerships
  • Getting internal business support for nonprofit partnerships that allows social efforts to grow to scale
  • Research findings on the business nonprofit partnerships

Tell high-impact stories about the partnerships

  • Measuring the business ROI and social ROI (SROI) of business-nonprofit partnerships
  • Including business-nonprofit partnership information in corporate and nonprofit annual reports and other communications
  • Telling the business-nonprofit partnership story using social media

Master partnership basics, no matter what job title they hold in a business or nonprofit

  • Evidence-based elements of a high-impact business-nonprofit partnership
  • How to transition from checkbook philanthropy to high- impact partnerships without abandoning or alienating existing allies
  • How to work well and happily with cross-sector partners


Please visit Event at a Glance to learn more about attending the B4B Conference or Register to attend.

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