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Why Exhibit

Why a Nonprofit Expo

Nonprofit Exhibitor Application Now Open. View Application.

To help achieve its purpose of generating business-nonprofit partnerships that have a substantial impact on societal causes and business performance, the Business4Better will involve 200+ nonprofits that have demonstrated the capacity to engage businesses in supporting societal causes through methods that move beyond monetary and in-kind donations alone. These methods might include skills-based volunteering, joint commercial-charitable efforts to combat societal issues and cause-marketing initiatives, for example.

Nonprofits selected to participate in B4B will be granted complimentary conference registration, complimentary exhibitor space, booth and marketing support from UBM staff. In return, nonprofit attendees are expected to contribute to the success of B4B by sharing how they currently, or how they plan to, meaningfully engage business partners to make a substantive difference on societal causes. These partnering strategies can entail offering businesses the opportunity to involve their employees in online tutoring of underprivileged youth, to add a social marketing component to their marketing of their commercial products or to repurpose their cafeterias to serve as soup kitchens after hours, or countless other innovative and creative ways to to make an impact through corporate community involvement.

Why Exhibit

  • Showcase your organization and innovative partnering opportunities to 2,000+ business leaders responsible for corporate social responsibility, community engagement and outreach
  • Benefit from the real networking and education opportunities designed to foster ideas and dialogue amongst nonprofits and business attendees
  • Learn from other exhibiting nonprofits on developing, nurturing and measuring partnerships with businesses
  • Receive complimentary exhibition space, turnkey booth services and marketing support

Nonprofits interested in participating will need to submit an application and meet the event's required criteria.

Click Here to Learn More and Begin Application.

A panel of experts on business-nonprofit partnerships will select up to 200 nonprofits from among all applicants that can best offer businesses the opportunity to meaningful contributions to societal causes. Innovative partnering strategies that hold promise for high impact business-nonprofit partnerships to are especially welcomed, even if such strategies are still being developed or tested. The selection process will also ensure that participating nonprofits represent a variety of causes.

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